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Stratovarius on "Seven Sinners" tour w/ Helloween

Jul 14, 2010

We are really happy to announce today that we have been invited to join Helloween's Seven Sinners tour package at the end of this year.

Naturally we accepted, since the idea is that our new album will be finished before the first date on the tour. The first gig will be on November 26, 2010 and the first two legs will cover all of Europe. The first leg is confirmed already, as always you can see upcoming Stratovarius shows at

The plan is that Stratovarius will play one hour at each of these shows and then Helloween will take the stage. Like Andy Deris put it, a "power metal party" similar to the really successful package with the Helloween / Gamma Ray tour a few years back. Lots of bang for the buck!

The schedule will fit pretty nicely with the recording and release of Stratovarius' new record. Helloween's new record, which is a full-on normal metal record, will come out end of October this year. For us in Stratovarius the plan is to have our new record out quite early next year, but we don't have a release date yet.

For anyone seeking more information about Helloween and their other plans, click no further than their official web site at

In other news, much of the drums for the next Stratovarius album have been recorded at 5 by 5 studios in Helsinki, and work is progressing nicely so far!

Here is the current schedule as it stands now:

23.01.2012: 70000 Tons Of Metal, Miami, USA
28.01.2012: Circo Volador, Mexico City, Mexico
31.01.2012: Teatro de Bellas Artes, Guatemala City, Guatemala (Last show of drummer Jörg Michael)
13.07.2012: Masters of Rock, Zlin, Czech Republic
18.08.2012: Leyendas del Rock, Murcia, Spain
25.08.2012: Summer's end Festival, Andernach, Germany

Stratovarius on "Seven Sinners" tour w/ Helloween

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